Alberta    British Columbia   

In August 1996 we flew to Calgary, Alberta and spent 3 weeks in Alberta and British Columbia.

We started out spending a couple days aroud Calgary, Alberta. This is a very nice city with friendly people.

Most of the time was spent enjoying the beautiful scenery. We traveled to many of the parks - Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kooteney, and more. We were able to see most of central and western British Columbia.

We eventually travelled across British Columbia and took a ferry down the scenic coast to Vancouver Island where we saw Victoria, British Columbia. From here, we went along the southern end of British Columbia and came back up to Calgary to catch our flight home.

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alberta - alberta1996_000.jpg9K

Calgary, Alberta - A view of the city.


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Calgary, Alberta - So, we went down to the city zoo.


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Banff, Alberta - Spot the 3 bears.


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Banff, Alberta - Moraine Lake. Now stop reading this and look at the picture.


alberta - alberta1996_004.jpg10K

Banff, Alberta - Peyto Lake.


alberta - alberta1996_005.jpg10K

Banff, Alberta - Can you direct me to the corner of Boris and Natasha?


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British Columbia - Along the coast on our way to Vancouver Island.


British Columbia - britishcolumbia1996_001.jpg10K

Victoria, British Columbia - Along the waterfront.


British Columbia - britishcolumbia1996_002.jpg11K

Victoria, British Columbia - Some of the beautiful flowers at The Butchart Gardens.


British Columbia - britishcolumbia1996_003.jpg11K

Kimberley, British Columbia - Me after 1 too many, a changed man.


British Columbia - britishcolumbia1996_004.jpg10K

Hope, British Columbia - This is where they filmed 'Rambo'.