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In March 2000 we flew to Zurich, Switzerland. We were able to use the train to get to other parts of Switzerland, but we rented a car to drive through Liechtenstein, and part of Austria and Germany.

We were able to spend a couple days in Zurich. This gave us plenty of time to look around, and the main Bahnhofstrasse shopping district was not far from our hotel. With the public transportation we could easily get around town and the surrounding areas.

Then we went to Luzern, Switzerland. We saw the Chapel Bridge, Lion Monument, walked along the Musegg Wall, and walked all over the Old City Squares. We used this as a base for also going to the top of the Titlis (10,000 feet). Most of the people had skis or snowboards, while I had my camera just to take pictures of the spectacular views.

We were also fortunate enough to get to Interlaken, Switzerland where we could catch the cog railway to the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe (11,782 feet). They have a package deal that got us up there and back in a day. To get up there was quite a journey. From Interlaken (1,860 feet) the train reaches Grindelwald (3,393 feet) in about 35 minutes. Then there's about 30 minutes before the next train leaves for the 40 minute ride to Kleine Scheidegg (6,782 feet), at the foot of the notorious Eiger North Wall. From here the Jungfrau Railway climbs to the Eiger Glacier Station and through the Eiger tunnel, to the Eigerwand and Eismeer stations, with a five minute halt at each station. This allows you to enjoy some spectacular views through large observation windows, hewn from solid Alpine rock. Then 50 minutes beyond this you at last arrive on the Jungfraujoch.

We took a train back to Zurich to pick up our rental car. Driving through some beautiful passes on the way to Liechtenstein we encountered some snow. We had our passports stamped in Liechtenstein, and did a little shopping. The roads were beautiful in Austria. I always stayed off the main roads when I could so we could stop and take pictures. We continued into Germany driving the entire length of the Bodensee shore. The main towns of Lindau and Konstanz are at each end of the lake with little towns all along the way.

Switzerland flag .gif1k Switzerland map .jpg19k
Switzerland - switzerland2000_000.jpg9K

Zurich, Switzerland - The town center shopping.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_001.jpg9K

Zurich, Switzerland - Us on the Muhlesteg.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_002.jpg10K

Rapperswil, Switzerland - Town with a lot of character, also the end of Lake Zurich.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_003.jpg9K

Switzerland - Somewhere in the countryside.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_004.jpg8K

Luzern, Switzerland - Along the Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge).


Switzerland - switzerland2000_005.jpg9K

Switzerland - From Luzern we went to the top of Titlis.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_006.jpg10K

Switzerland - From Interlaken, Switzerland we went to the Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe.


Switzerland - switzerland2000_007.jpg11K

Switzerland - The view of Jungfraujoch from the outside.


Liechtenstein flag .gif2k Liechtenstein map .jpg16k
Liechtenstein - liechtenstein2000_000.jpg9K

Vaduz, Liechtenstein - A map of the country, shown actual size (we had our passports stamped).


Liechtenstein - liechtenstein2000_001.jpg9K

Vaduz, Liechtenstein - The main street, with Castle of Vaduz at the top of the picture.


Austria flag .gif1k Austria map .jpg21k
Austria - austria2000_000.jpg7K

Austria - Driving nothing but the best.


Austria - austria2000_001.jpg8K

Austria - Somewhere in the countryside.


Germany flag .gif2k Germany map .jpg23k
Germany - germany2000_000.jpg9K

Konstanz, Germany - They had a carnival going on with lots of street performers.


Germany - germany2000_001.jpg8K

Konstanz, Germany - Along the waterfront.


Germany - germany2000_002.jpg5K

Konstanz, Germany - We followed along the Bodensee shore from Lindau, Germany to here.