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In May 2001 we flew to Phoenix, Arizona with a plan to loop around Southern California and over to Las Vegas, Nevada.

We didn't spend much time roaming around Phoenix, so we headed north toward the Grand Canyon. This was pretty spectacular, but you just canít grasp it all. We were staying on the south rim. They were giving same day weather forecasts for both the north and south rims that made it sound like 2 different parts of the globe.

After that we moved into California. Here we saw Yosemite, the Sequoias, and Death Valley National Parks. Each of these was very unique and presented completely different views of the same general area. While in California we didnít plan on spending time in any big city. This really covered a lot of very nice scenic areas.

Then we continued onto Las Vegas, Nevada. To answer your question, we didn't win. We did have a great dinner buffet at the MGM Grand. While we were there we also got to see Carrot Top at the MGM. Luckily we heard on the radio he was performing and waited in line (yes, there was a line to see him) with others to get the overflow tickets. Somehow we got front row. While in the area, we also took the usual tour of Hoover Dam.

Then back all the way across Arizona where we went to see the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert before heading back to Phoenix.

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Arizona - arizona2001_000.jpg9K

Arizona - Somewhere behind us and the sign is the Grand Canyon.


Arizona - arizona2001_001.jpg9K

Arizona - The Grand Canyon and Colorado River.


Arizona - arizona2001_002.jpg9K

Arizona - Too big for pictures, but you try anyway.


Arizona - arizona2001_003.jpg9K

Arizona - At the Petrified Forest National Park, you can't see the forest for the rocks.


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California - california2001_000.jpg10K

California - The Sequoia National Forest, big trees but a little sign.


California - california2001_001.jpg12K

California - Yosemite National Park.


California - california2001_002.jpg10K

California - Leaving Yosemite, make sure to take 1 last look back.


California - california2001_003.jpg8K

California - There's a reason it's called Death Valley.


California - california2001_004.jpg9K

California - Death Valley in the shade.


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Nevada - nevada2001_000.jpg9K

Las Vegas, Nevada - A view most people don't see, from the desert.


Nevada - nevada2001_001.jpg10K

Las Vegas, Nevada - The strip at night, very busy.


Nevada - nevada2001_002.jpg9K

Nevada - The inevitable tour of Hoover Dam.