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In July 2002 we flew to Phoenix, Arizona with our primary intention to drive to Disneyland in California. We didn't spend much time roaming around in Phoenix, especially since we were there the year before. We were hoping to see more of Arizona by traveling west to California. However, it was pretty much nothing but desert.

When we reached California we made a stop in Palm Springs just to say we were there. It was extremely windy there and just outside of town they had thousands of windmills to generate electricity.

We were able to spend a little time driving through Los Angeles and Hollywood. This included driving by The Hollywood Bowl several times (since we got lost) while trying to view the Hollywood sign. Then cruising down Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards to see the interesting and unique sites. We had no celebrity encounters in Hollywood.

We saw the Disneyland 4th of July fireworks extravaganza. It was spectacular! We also visited the newest Disney Park, California Adventure. Even though we spent 3 days in these 2 parks, we covered everything once and the neater stuff twice. Our hotel was literally across the street so we could easily get to the parks.

We also went to Knott's Berry Farm with the intention to visit Snoopy. We not only had our picture taken with him, but he performed a wonderful 'Snoopy Rocks On Ice' show. And I can say first hand, Snoopy does Rock!

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Arizona - arizona2002_000.jpg9K

Arizona - Somewhere in the Arizona desert. Anyone seen my camel?


Arizona - arizona2002_001.jpg9K

Arizona - Still in the desert, is that an oasis I see?


Arizona - arizona2002_002.jpg10K

Arizona - It says 'Poisonous snakes and insects inhabit the area'. Gotta go!


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California - california2002_000.jpg9K

California - Us at Disneyland.


California - california2002_001.jpg10K

California - The Matterhorn at Disneyland.


California - california2002_002.jpg8K

California - Disneyland 4th of July fireworks spectacular and our view from our hotel.


California - california2002_003.jpg9K

California - Us at Disney's California Adventure. Do not look directly at the sun.


California - california2002_004.jpg9K

California - Only Disney could create wilderness out of a parking lot.


California - california2002_005.jpg8K

California - These 2 guys were all over the park, they kept getting into my pictures.


California - california2002_006.jpg9K

California - Camp Snoopy, part of Knott's Berry Farm.


California - california2002_007.jpg8K

California - Most of Knott's Berry Farm was like this.


California - california2002_008.jpg8K

California - Snoopy was a little camera shy, we're the ones in the middle.