In June 2007 I flew to Norfolk, Virginia for a long weekend. The plan was to drive to Williamsburg, Virginia to see that area and the Worlds of Busch Gardens Europe theme park.

The Busch Gardens Europe had been advertising on television, so I thought it would be interesting to see their interpretation of Europe. They had areas representing Ireland, Italy, England, Scotland, France, and Germany. The building fronts and atmosphere in each country was nice. They had some clever rides that pulled in some unique concepts from the countries and not just simple roller coasters. After a lot of consideration, actually I had narrowed it down to Italy and Germany pretty quickly; I had a huge meal in Germany. Well, they did their best.

The Williamsburg area is very scenic, with lots of trees, water, and twisty roads. I was able to wander around the historic area of Williamsburg. This area has been restored to its original 18th century style with restored buildings, dirt roads, and people in costumes demonstrating activities. I also went out to the Jamestown Settlement. This goes back a little earlier to the 17th century. This is a living history museum with activities going on in James Fort, Powhatan Indian Village, and replicas of 3 ships from around 1600 that brought the first English settlers to America.

USA flag .gif3k Virginia map .jpg19k
Virginia - virginia2007_000.jpg13K

Williamsburg, Virginia - A little Europe with a Busch Garden touch.


Virginia - virginia2007_001.jpg11K

Williamsburg, Virginia - Busch Garden England and the not so Big Ben.


Virginia - virginia2007_002.jpg10K

Williamsburg, Virginia - Busch Garden Ireland, needs more green.


Virginia - virginia2007_003.jpg13K

Williamsburg, Virginia - Busch Garden France, needs more pastry.


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Williamsburg, Virginia - Busch Garden Germany, has to have a beer garden.


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Williamsburg, Virginia - Virginia's historic Capital building.


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Williamsburg, Virginia - The Governor's Palace built in 1722.


Virginia - virginia2007_007.jpg13K

Jamestown, Virginia - James Fort had various demonstrations.


Virginia - virginia2007_008.jpg11K

Jamestown, Virginia - Replicas of the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery.