In October 2008 I flew to California for the Halloween weekend to go to Disneyland.

The first day I arrived in the evening, so I wandered around the Downtown Disney area to get a feel for Halloween. It was walking distance from the hotel, and it was a nice way to fill the evening. They have a lot of decorations and a good variety of places to eat. I was especially intrigued by the variety of special Halloween themed caramel apples only available during this time of year. What? You donít consider a caramel apple a meal?

One great thing about Disneyland is that everything Disney is right there. Disney World is great too (huge and a lot to do), but you can literally walk to all the Disneyland areas because they are so close together. This is especially nice when you are only there for a weekend. I had 1 full day in each park and then a third day to bounce between the 2 parks before heading home.

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California - california2008_000.jpg13K

Disneyland, California - Home to The Magic Kingdom and California Adventure.


California - california2008_001.jpg20K

Disneyland, California - Main Street decked out in the spirit of Halloween.


California - california2008_002.jpg15K

Disneyland, California - 'Me' with 'The Man' and 'The Mouse' (pictured left to right).


California - california2008_003.jpg14K

Disneyland, California - Ummmm, pineapple Dole Whip float.


California - california2008_004.jpg10K

Disneyland, California - Fireworks. Fireworks!


California - california2008_005.jpg14K

Disneyland, California - Mickey in costume, I almost didn't recognize him.


California - california2008_006.jpg15K

Disneyland, California - The California Adventure park makes you feel like you're really in California.


California - california2008_007.jpg14K

Disneyland, California - Great costumes.