In October 2009 I flew to Florida over the Halloween weekend to spend a couple days at Universal Studios in Orlando.

I had never seen Universal Studios at Halloween, so I thought a quick weekend down there would be nice. Well, the weather and the rides were great, but the Halloween decorations were very minimal which surprised me. To get my Halloween fix I ended up going to Downtown Disney (it was free and I didn't have time to go to the actual Disney World Parks this year). It had a lot of decorations and what they called 'Happy Haunting' in Downtown Disney. Another nice thing was that they had a Halloween candy walk where most adults and virtually all the kids were costumed and went around Downtown Disney getting candy from stations Disney had set-up. They also had performers walking around in costume and a free Halloween themed musical show on the water.

USA flag .gif3k Florida map .jpg19k
Florida - florida2009_000.jpg12K

Universal Studios, Florida - Pretty much the extent of Halloween decorations at Universal Studios.


Florida - florida2009_001.jpg10K

Universal Studios, Florida - Me at the entrance gate, ahh, or is it an entrance globe?


Florida - florida2009_002.jpg12K

Universal Studios, Florida - My travel philosophy.


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Universal Studios, Florida - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter under construction (it opened 6/2010).


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Disney, Florida - Halloween at Disney, full moon and all.


Florida - florida2009_005.jpg11K

Disney, Florida - My kind of scary.


Florida - florida2009_006.jpg10K

Disney, Florida - A giant Mickey pumpkin head is always a good thing.