In February 2010 I flew to Toronto, Ontario and spent a long weekend there. It was the end of the Winter Olympics, and even though they were in Vancouver, British Columbia the whole country had Olympic fever.

Despite being February (winter?), it was as warm as a cool winter day in Vancouver. You see, Vancouver had one of the warmest winters in a long time. It kind of put a damper on the Winter Olympic Games. It actually delayed some of the outdoor events while they made the snow. I won’t even mention what happened to all 3 of the ‘Olympia’ ice resurfacers. Can you say ‘Get me a Zamboni’?

With only a couple days, I roamed around downtown Toronto and saw the main sites. I saw the Hockey Hall of Fame and got out of there with all my teeth. I also walked through the glass domed Eaton Centre (that's a shopping center for you non-Canadians) without spending too much money.

I also went to see Casa Loma. Although it was only started in 1911 and took 3 years to complete, it looks more like a classic European Castle. At the time they had part of the stables closed off since they were filming the SyFy Channel’s show ‘Warehouse 13’. Unfortunately, I did not see any of the show stars. The show with Casa Loma ended up airing on 7/27/2010, the episode was 'Age Before Beauty. The opening scene was filmed on the outside balcony and the surgical scene was actually filmed in the stables.

Of course you have to go up the CN Tower, just don’t call it the Space Needle (they don’t like that much). This is the World’s Highest Observation Deck, but, I will have to qualify that as a tower observation deck. It also has been classified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers, and those guys know what they're talking about.

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Toronto, Ontario - Olympic fever was everywhere.


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Toronto, Ontario - Hockey Hall of Fame, soon to have a 2010 Olympic Gold Medal. I hope I didn't give away the ending to anyone.


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Toronto, Ontario - U.S. versus Canada in hockey. Let's not talk about that anymore.


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Toronto, Ontario - Eaton Centre is in the heart of the city.


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Toronto, Ontario - Old City Hall completed in 1899.


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Toronto, Ontario - Casa Loma is a landmark in the city.


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Toronto, Ontario - CN Tower. It sure looks Space Needle like.


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Toronto, Ontario - A view of Toronto. You figure out where I'm standing.


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Toronto, Ontario - At 447 Metres, or 1,465 Feet.


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Toronto, Ontario - Don't mess with the RCMP, they can be a real bear sometimes.