In October 2011 I flew to Cleveland, Ohio over the Halloween weekend to spend a couple days to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cedar Point amusement park. I had actually planned to go a couple years earlier, however, the Halloween weekend back then called for freezing rain and obviously, cold. This year the weather looked good for the end of October.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located right on Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland. While they have a lot of memorabilia, I was disappointed they don’t allow any photography inside. It takes a long time to get through since most items have some sort of history documented about them, lots of reading. It’s split up so you can focus on the genres that interest you. Of course, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles each have their own section devoted to them. Next door is the Great Lakes Science Center and Cleveland Browns stadium (fortunately, there was no game the day I was there). Actually, I thought the whole downtown section was pretty quiet on the weekend.

Cedar Point is located about 60 miles west of Cleveland in Sandusky, Ohio. It is on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie. The whole peninsula is the park, which looks really neat on a map. There is a lot of history since it was opened in 1870 and is the second oldest operating amusement park in America (Lake Compounce in Connecticut opened in 1846). Cedar Point is known as the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World”. I’m not a huge roller coaster fan (huge as in large, tall, and scary). I like the kind that shakes you around with twists and turns, some speed, and maybe an upside down loop or two (if not too high). I went on several of their 15 coasters, as well as some other rides and shows they had.

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Cleveland, Ohio - Me in front of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, not The Louvre.


Ohio - ohio2011_001.jpg15K

Cleveland, Ohio - The Cleveland skyline.


Ohio - ohio2011_002.jpg9K

Sandusky, Ohio - Cedar Point amusement park on a peninsula in Lake Erie.


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Sandusky, Ohio - Me at Cedar Point.


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Sandusky, Ohio - Roller coaster capital of the world, 15 roller coasters with a total of 72 rides.


Ohio - ohio2011_005.jpg15K

Sandusky, Ohio - Some entertainment, and your hosts for the park.


Ohio - ohio2011_006.jpg15K

Sandusky, Ohio - I finally caught up with Snoopy.