In October 2013 I flew to Santa Ana, California for a long 5-day weekend at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure Parks in Anaheim just before Halloween. I was just going to spend the whole time enjoying what Disney had to offer. Lesson learned, if you are just doing Disney, no reason to rent a car. There is a shuttle service from the John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA) to a lot of hotel stops right by Disneyland Resort area. My rental car, pretty much sat in the hotel parking lot the whole time. My hotel was less than a 10-minute walk to the park entrance.

I spent a couple days in the Disneyland Park. If you take your time and enjoy just walking around the park, it is a full day. But, take advantage of their Single Rider lines and FastPass Service so you aren't spending your time waiting in line. I also took the time to ride Space Mountain numerous times. Speaking of numerous times, I lost count of how many Dole Whips and Dole Whip Floats I had, yummy!

I also spent a couple days in California Adventure Park. They recently (last year) opened Cars Land, which is themed around the movie Cars. They recreated Radiator Springs like only Disney could do, along with several smaller rides they had an exciting high-speed Radiator Springs Racers ride. In the Hollywood Land themed portion of the park, they had a live performance of Aladdin in their Hyperion Theater. I saw it several times, amazing how they can perform this so many times during the day.

After a full day in each park, I ended up bouncing between the parks the remainder of my time there. But, after the parks closed, I always took the opportunity to walk through the Downtown Disney district. This time of year, they have special caramel apples. My particular favorite is the Apple Pie Apple. Always something good to eat at Disney. Always a good time at Disney...

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California - california2013_000.jpg11K

Disneyland, California - Main Street U.S.A. All the crowds, twice the fun.


California - california2013_001.jpg11K

Disneyland, California - Me in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


California - california2013_002.jpg12K

Disneyland, California - Fantasyland with the Matterhorn in the background.


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Disneyland, California - Main Street U.S.A. at night. All the crowds, three times the fun.


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Downtown Disney, California - Disney atmosphere without the cost of a ticket.


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Disney California Adventure, California - Hollywood Land makes it feel like you're really in Hollywood.


California - california2013_006.jpg11K

Disney California Adventure, California - Cars Land makes it feel like you're really in Radiator Springs.


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Disney California Adventure, California - Paradise Pier is especially lively at night.


California - california2013_008.jpg11K

Disney California Adventure, California - The Mouse. So does he work like an hour a day?


California - california2013_009.jpg12K

Disneyland, California - Me. Palm trees. Blue sky. Sun. Fun.